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Basic Discovery
Since 2008 Mirador Foundation organises Basic Discovery weekends, weeks and
courses in the Swiss Alps. In the different formats we focus on nature knowledge,
personal development, leadership or sustainability, but nature definitely plays a
central role in all of them.

De aard
De aard (your nature) focusses on personal and organizational growth and development with nature as learning environment - a super intelligent organization, the most beautiful classroom, the best study book and the wisest teacher. Only being in nature already gives space and raises awareness. De aard is for people who recognize the value of ongoing development, see the adventure in life and work, want to contribute to the world small and big, and feel the pleasure of discovering and exploring new roads in themselves and their environment.

Netherlands Flute Academy (Nederlandse Fluit Academie)
Since the start in 2009, the Netherlands Flute Academy (Neflac) has become the no.1 Academy in the Netherlands for young talented flute players and young professionals. With an educational programme, concerts and since 2011 its own Neflac Ensemble, Neflac is a vibrant and financially healthy organisation. Mirador Foundation continues to support Neflac

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