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After high school Suzanne Wolff (1955) studied medicine in Leiden, but after her candidate exam decided to switch to business administration at the 'Interfaculteit' in Delft, where she graduated in 1982. While at university she served on several student boards. Subsequently she worked 10 years for Royal Ahold. Her last 4 years as managing director for Etos drugstores in Belgium. A new division, which had to be built from scratch. Although close to Holland, everything in this country was different. A good experience! Managing a retail business, she felt the need to keep up to date. As assistant-professor at the business administration faculty of Ersamus University in Rotterdam as well as the Rotterdam School of Management for one day a week, she combined work and teaching and learned a lot herself.

As of 1992 she was managing director of The Body Shop for their Benelux operation. Circumstances made that she left in 1993, and decided it was time to become an entrepreneur. Good Company, a consultancy in sustainable business, saw life. A forerunner in the business world as the concept of sustainability was almost unknown at that time. The Good Company team lived up to the philosophy. Language lessons for refugees and organizing events for underprivileged kids are examples of Good Company contributions.

After 8 years full time Good Company, in 2001 it was time for a change. Side activities continued: board member WWF Netherlands (1994 - 2002), jury member for Effie Communications award (3 years), non-executive board member of het Financieele Dagblad (1997 - 2002) and Gerzon (since 1992), jury member at Sara Lee international (1998 - 2008). With the family foundation, projects in Rumania and India. 2002 was dedicated to Merison, the business of her husband. But after that year she decided to leave the business world and to direct her experience to non-profit organisations. She became board member of the Dutch museum of Antiquities (2003 - 2012) and Mandela Fonds Netherlands (2003 for 1 year) and supervisory board member of Triodos-Doen Fund (since 2003 - 2009), a fund that invests in micro-credit institutions in developing countries.

When she met Paul Fentener van Vlissingen in 2004, she joined him in his African Parks Foundation. They also shared their private life and together they managed several national parks in Africa. In January 2006 she took over as managing director of African Parks, when Paul knew he started his last walk in life. In December of that same year the board decided to change and she left the organization. Again, life asked to alter course. Time for emotional healing and new fulfilment. Leading were her dedication to nature, the balance between people and nature and music. She founded Mirador Foundation in 2007 as a vehicle for new initiatives (see: what).
She also became supervisory board member of NatuurCollege (2007 - 2011), Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds and WWF Schweiz and advisor to the Artists for Nature Foundation.

She published the book 'Jeugdfoto' (youth picture) about her mother's youth in 2007.

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